What to Know About Edmonds, WA

DCIM100MEDIAIt’s waterfront, a ferry terminal, full of small town charm.  It’s the oldest city in Snohomish County, just north of Seattle–in fact, 18 miles north.  It’s a town where time can go slow, for a weekend or a lifetime.  A vibrant arts community, great kids activities and a wonderful historic downtown with little shops, galleries, dining and pubs, and sparkling views of Puget Sound and the ferries on a clear day.

Want charm?  Want small town America?  Want a family environment close to downtown Seattle amenities and resources?  Want seaside and views and winding streets and seeing people you know in the parks, on the beaches, or walking to dinner downtown?  Festivals?  Fun?  A great performing arts center and a reputation for antique stores and art galleries?  Sports and recreation in a beautiful natural environment?  Block parties and school and church potlucks and good old fashioned Halloweens?  Maybe you want Edmonds, Washington.

Some years ago the local chamber of commerce came up with a bumper sticker “It’s an Edmonds Kind of Day.”  I can think of a lot of Edmonds days, sleepy wandering downtown or hours spent with the kids playing on the beach, biking along the bike trails by the water or meeting at Arnies for happy hour or someone’s birthday and eating fresh seafood while watching the ferries and sailboats come and go.  Attending the world class concerts and events at ECA, Edmonds Center for the Arts, taking the Historic Walk of Edmonds or looking at all the fascinating gems, painting and sculpture at Semantics Gallery.  You can take ceramics classes, cooking classes, travel lectures and classes, you can learn kayaking, scuba diving, or sailing, you can hike and bird watch, and you can indulge your foodie nature to the hilt.  And not to forget the presence of Edmonds Community College which means not only great cultural and educational provisions, but lots of extra events that the town residents love to take advantage of as well.

Come visit and get to know this very special place, and if you decide to stay, give me a call and we’ll talk about your real estate needs.  Available properties range from downtown condos and view homes, great houses by the Sound, and many happy neighborhoods with a selection of family homes.   I’m Bryan Janssen at 206-375-0550, your Edmonds Real Estate Broker.


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