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Dave entered the real estate field after spending the past 27 years in the commercial banking industry, where he used his passion for helping people to enable his clients to achieve their goals, in both their businesses and personal financial lives. He was always available to his clients, even during non-banking hours. He was also the key person for his banks in their outreach into the community, through the various chambers of commerce and civic groups and has served on several different boards, including senior centers, community service clubs, and museums. A native of Seattle who grew up in the Greenlake area, Dave has seen the building of I-5 through the city and the growth that has boomed there. After moving away to central Washington for 16 years, he returned back to live on the Kitsap penninsula in 1989 and later moving to Everett in 2005. In his prior career he worked in the cities of Bremerton, Tacoma, Lynnwood, Marysville and Arlington. This has allowed him to expand his knowledge of the residential areas surrounding Seattle. Being multi-talented, he can work with business owners looking to purchase or build their first commercial property or find a property to house their expanding business, while also helping to find the residence that they've always wanted. His knowledge of finance can also be of assistance for investors looking to find income producing properties. Dave is excited to be doing the work that allows him to live his passion...Helping people achieve their goals!

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The Seattle Street Food Festival is near!

It’s time to get down to eating at the Seattle Street Food Festival on  August 10th!   There’s a great food festival coming up on August 10th and hopefully it will be the first of many Seattle Street Food Festival’s.  It w ill be held in and around Cal Anderson Park in downtown Seattle near 10th and […]

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Investing in Real Estate Today 2013

Investing in Real Estate Annually, I try to expose what is going on in the market and the factors that influence it.  My post last year was pretty revealing and did show what really ended up occurring.  The outlook at this point in the Greater Seattle Area has changed dramatically from the prior year and […]

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Chihuly’s Garden and Glass

  Chihuly’s Garden and Glass-A magnificent way to spend an evening!   One of the most interesting places to go in Seattle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass at the Seattle Center.  The glass artwork that is contained in several rooms and and outside garden is amazing.   The picture on the left is an […]

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Wilde Rover, Kirkland’s Irish Pub

One of my all time local favorites is The Wilde Rover Irish Pub Restaurant.  This popular Kirkland pub borrows part of its name from the well known Irishman, Oscar Wilde.  By their own admission devoted to “good food, drink, conversation, entertainment and friends” the atmosphere of this local place, here in the heart of beautiful […]

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The Hop Scotch Spring Beer & Scotch Festival 2012

The Hop Scotch Spring Beer and Scotch Festival in Seattle soon! The Seattle International Film Festival is putting on the Hop Scotch Spring Beer and Scotch festival to support SIFF on March 30th and 31st.  If you like beer, wine or scotch, this is the place for you.  There will be over 80 different libations […]

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Cap Rates Revisited

Cap Rates Revisited-Even Some Realtors Don’t Understand them! One of the biggest problems with some realtors, commercial and residential, is that they make an attempt to utilize a Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) to market a property without really understanding what they are.  After reading a listing that honestly I laughed at when I saw it, […]

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Investing in Real Estate Today-2012

Thoughts on Investing in Real Estate Today In today’s market, you hear all kinds of good and bad comments so which do you consider when thinking of investing in real estate today?  First, let’s go back to last year and see what happened. Initially, the market was much like the previous year with sellers still […]

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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Sales-Good or Bad?”

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Sales Flies in the face of Consumer Protection Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are continuing to be criticized by the public.  Having dealt with both recently, I’ve found these quasi-goverment entities are both heavily aggressive and not a friend of the consumer.  It is true, that you may get a good […]

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Big Box Real Estate Companies vs. Smaller Companies-What’s the difference?

What’s in a name?  A Buyer’s perspective It occurs to me that there are some definite differences between the big box real estate companies that you always see in the media and the smaller firms that are in the market.  The big firms make you fit into their box and some make you qualify with […]

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