Beer and Seattle

Beer and Seattle: two things that go together like, well, rain and Seattle.

It started back in the mid-nineteenth century (1854) when a two-year-old Seattle was graced with its first brewery, Washington Brewery, to slake the thirst of the local population of loggers. Over the next 50 years or so, many of what we would call craft breweries today would open. And many of those would ultimately be consolidated into one major brewery, the Seattle Brewing and Malting Co, that was the sixth largest brewery on the entire planet by the beginning of Prohibition. Their most famous beer? Rainier. The end of Prohibition brought an immediate return to production of many Seattle beers, including Rainier, and we’ve been a-brewin’ ever since.

Fast-forward to today and you see that Seattle boasts one of the largest concentrations of breweries in the world. The city also produces some of the most award-winning brews in the nation too. This is thanks to many reasons, but a large one has to be the spectacular surroundings. With amazing water, direct access to the Yakima Valley (where 80 percent of the nations hops are grown,) and many (many) rainy days perfect for brewing indoors, Seattle practically breeds brewers.

Seattle receives tens of thousand of tourists every year who come to sample the beer. There are dozens of tours available that take aficionados across Seattle for tastings at a dizzying array of tap-rooms and breweries. While the grocery-store beer aisle in many of our nations large cities may have 20 or even

30 brews, a typical beer aisle in Seattle will have more than 80. In fact, there are over 20 known stores that regularly stock over 200 beers! Most restaurants have local crafts on tap and even some Starbucks sell beer. It’s everywhere here.

Want to live where you can walk to a brewery or brew-pub? It’s easy! Almost all of Seattles major neighborhoods have a handful or more of registered breweries and most of them are open for tastings or have a full pub on-site. If you don’t live here yet, come to Seattle, enjoy our beer – you may never want to leave.

Beer and Seattle

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  1. Don Keinholz February 4, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

    I was searching for a bit of beer info about Seattle and came across this post. I’m not in the market to move or anything, but if the RE agents out there are cool enough to blog about beer I may have to reconsider!