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Seattle Real Estate New Year’s Resolution #3 Know Your Neighborhoods

Greg Nikols, a former Seattle mayor, called Seattle a City of Neighborhoods.  Each has its character, its charms, perhaps even its faults.  Before you choose a home it is extremely important to be sure that you will not regret the location. Are schools important to you?  Walkability?  Commute time?  Recreation?  Do you love a certain […]

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belltown condo in seattle

Belltown Condo in Seattle

Belltown Condo in Seattle Working in the Seattle market,  you bet I preview lots of Belltown condos in Seattle.  Combining urban excitement and Seattle’s spectacular natural setting, Belltown is a hot market for both retail buyers and investors looking for opportunities in a stable real estate market.

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Best Real Estate Deals in Seattle

Best Real Estate Deals in Seattle   One of the most frequently asked questions I get are “where can I find the best real estate deals in Seattle?” and “what’s the hottest area in Seattle?”   Honestly, there is value in every market and in every neighborhood. 

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Community Patch in Seattle Neighborhoods

One of the most delightful things about Seattle is the abundance of nature surrounding us.  Although this is a large metropolitan city, I appreciate the fact that you can escape to nature at any time.  Big or large, we have parks situated in every neighborhood and convenient access to rivers, lakes, and vast ocean. 

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Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets

Seattle Farmers Markets are a local tradition, and each neighborhood has one with a little bit of it’s own special character.  Here is the all-inclusive list of the markets.  You don’t have to limit yourself to one because many of them are on different days of the week.  Two of my favorites are the Fremont […]

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Celebration of Coffee in Seattle!

Coffee in Seattle On June 18 and 19, Seattle Center will be hosting Northwest Coffee Festival 2011 in celebration of great coffee in Seattle.  This will be a truly exquisite event to not only taste the best of northwest coffee but an opportunity to experience coffee in various ways.

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Marination Mobile in Seattle

Restaurant or kitchen on wheels is fast becoming common and popular casual dining option in Seattle.  With the recent explosion of food trucks serving diverse array of appetizing fare, it is easy to understand the appreciation. 

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The Monorail in a Blink*

The Seattle Monorail is a one-stop public transit option and part of our World’s Fair history (built in 1962).  I’m a fan.  This isn’t a train, a subway, a light rail, or public transit system.  The monorail is great for locals when we need to get from downtown to say, Bumbershoot at the Center.  Or […]

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Seattle Tours for Everyone

Got the sunshine bug?  Pulled out your shorts and sneaks yet?  Here’s something you might enjoy on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday (Apr-Dec).  For inquiring minds: when you notice fern motifs on the interior of Macy’s downtown or stone eagles perched on top of the Seattle Athletic Club’s building; and for guests who are visiting […]

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