The Seattle Street Food Festival is near!

It’s time to get down to eating at the Seattle Street Food Festival on  August 10th!


There’s a great food festival coming up on August 10th and hopefully it will be the first of many Seattle Street Food Festival’s.  It w ill be held in and around Cal Anderson Park in downtown Seattle near 10th and Pine.  So what’s “street food”?  Well, as we all know there are more and more street and truck vendors populating our cities.  Food trucks can be seen in most neighborhoods as a great way to get good economical food without the waiting that goes along with restaurants.  As time goes on, the street vendors are getting more variety and people are flocking to them.  It’s kind of like the old hot dog vendors you always see or have heard about only better.  I love going to the taco trucks!  At the Seattle Street Food Festival, as of the date of this writing, there will be twenty-six food trucks, nineteen food booths and thirteen restaurants represented that day.  To help you digest better, Soda Jerk Sodas will also be there.  The roster of the Seattle Street Food participating vendors is in this link.

Sound like fun? The Seattle Street Food Festival is on August 10th from 5 PM to 11 PM and is free to the public.

There is also a separate Popup Picnic near the event that will feature over a dozen chefs from local restaurants plying their wares on the street as part of The One Night Only Project.  I caught their lineup in the daily Seattle Met email.  This event does cost $125 per person but does apparently give you line skipping privileges at the Seattle Street Food Festival.  There will be voting and the winning chef will receive part of the gate receipts to give to their favorite charities.  This event goes from 7 PM to 10PM.

Whew!  So get the word out and plan on being there.

Happy eating!

Dave Sato

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