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Beautiful Green Lake in October

There is rarely a bad time to walk around Green Lake, but I must admit a partiality to the fall season.  With the trees turning colors and the dogs prancing in delight at the crisp air and numerous pooch friendly opportunities, the joggers, bikes, baby strollers, walk and talkers, and even some rollerbladers, the Lake […]

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PCC Natural Market in Green Lake

PCC is a natural, organic Seattle food co-op.  I think of it as a lot like Whole Foods and a lot different.  Being local, it is, you could say, “very Seattle.”  By that I mean community values, green values, a laid back humorous vibe and delicious ripe fresh flavor.  There are nine locations around the […]

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Winter Walk Around Green Lake

One of Seattle’s favorite parks, it is hard to imagine a day any time of year when Green Lake wouldn’t have a steady stream of dog walkers, joggers, skaters (ok, more of them in the summer, but…) and even bicyclists making use of the variety of paths and the road that circle the three mile […]

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Eva Restaurant in Tangletown

Green Lake has a special place called Tangletown that’s full of great places to eat, drink, and enjoy with your friends. Eva Restaurant may not be as famous as some Seattle spots but have dinner here and you’ll see a lot of dedicated neighborhood residents that return again and again for a very special experience […]

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Chocolati Cafe in Green Lake

Welcome to one of Seattle’s local chocolate factory cafes!  Chocolati Cafe is in 4 locations, this one at Green Lake, and also in Wallingford, Greenwood, Downtown (at Seattle Public Library), and a Factory Outlet which is on Aurora also near Green Lake (at 77th).  If you are out enjoying a stroll around Green Lake, this […]

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Top Seattle Neighborhoods…Queen Anne

There are so many beautiful neighborhoods in Seattle that trying to define which ones are the “top neighborhoods” might seem to be an exercise in futility, but humor me please, you have to start somewhere!  Many of them you have heard of, and some of them perhaps not.  Let’s talk about eight wonderful neighborhoods today […]

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Seattle Real Estate New Year’s Resolution #3 Know Your Neighborhoods

Greg Nikols, a former Seattle mayor, called Seattle a City of Neighborhoods.  Each has its character, its charms, perhaps even its faults.  Before you choose a home it is extremely important to be sure that you will not regret the location. Are schools important to you?  Walkability?  Commute time?  Recreation?  Do you love a certain […]

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Queen of Seattle sails under Ballard Bridge

Seafair Events on Saturday, July 16

Seafair is here!  July is a treasure trove of events in the Seattle area as parades, festivals, and neighborhood celebrations sprout up everywhere.  Just on the 16th (yes, that’s tomorrow!) are 5 major events throughout the area, as follows:   The Pirate’s Booty Seafair Milk Carton Derby Located in Green Lake, from 10 a.m. to […]

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Best Real Estate Deals in Seattle

Best Real Estate Deals in Seattle   One of the most frequently asked questions I get are “where can I find the best real estate deals in Seattle?” and “what’s the hottest area in Seattle?”   Honestly, there is value in every market and in every neighborhood. 

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