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Seattle Real Estate New Year’s Resolution #3 Know Your Neighborhoods

Greg Nikols, a former Seattle mayor, called Seattle a City of Neighborhoods.  Each has its character, its charms, perhaps even its faults.  Before you choose a home it is extremely important to be sure that you will not regret the location. Are schools important to you?  Walkability?  Commute time?  Recreation?  Do you love a certain […]

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Community Patch in Seattle Neighborhoods

One of the most delightful things about Seattle is the abundance of nature surrounding us.  Although this is a large metropolitan city, I appreciate the fact that you can escape to nature at any time.  Big or large, we have parks situated in every neighborhood and convenient access to rivers, lakes, and vast ocean. 

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Alhambra Fashion Outlet in Ravenna

There’s an Alhambra downtown, near Pacific Place, exciting and elegant.  Do visit if you’re nearby!  However, the residents of Ravenna-Bryant are lucky enough to have their own Alhambra Outlet right in the neighborhood.  I’d say it was Ravenna’s best kept secret except it’s not so secret.  The outlet offers designer fashion from this company that […]

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Blooming Home Consignment Co. in Ravenna Neighborhood

There was a rumor they closed so call before you go!… There is hardly anyone who would argue with the wise old saying that “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  This is even more true in our modern times when a plethora of style and every flavor of design seems to be available all […]

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Mamma Melina’s in Ravenna

There is a well-deserved reputation among Italian restaurants for a filling meal and delicious pasta.  A jolly rolling accent and some good bread on the table.  Then there is the other Italian.  Mamma Melina’s has been in business for 20 years here in Seattle.  For a good while it was the hot new Italian restaurant […]

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Gracious From House to Home in Ravenna-Bryant a Must Visit

House to Home… I like it.  In fact, the other day I read, in the description of a luxury home in Medina, “If you are looking for a house, don’t bother.  If you are looking for a home, you have to see this property.”  When I went into the home I saw why.  The original […]

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Ravenna Park in Seattle’s Beloved Ravenna Neighborhood

There was once a creek running from Green Lake through Ravenna (then just a heavily wooded ravine) and down to Lake Washington.  There was a mineral springs and giant evergreens, about 30 to 60 feet around.  Is there a whisper of that time still echoing down the streets of Ravenna and dancing in the moonlight […]

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Queen Mary Tea Room in Ravenna Serves Seattle High Tea

There is a bastion of Victorian elegance in Seattle.  Tastefully decorated with fine English bone china, rich velvet and dark wainscoting, delicate lace, and the lovely and healthful staples of a High Tea (the amazing cakes, the little sandwiches), this tea shop will delight first time visitors and I predict once you have experienced it […]

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Ravenna’s Planet Happy Best of All Possible Toy Worlds

Planet Happy is more than just a yummy and delightful toy store in the Ravenna-Bryant neighborhood.  It proclaims it’s mission as “Play, Learn, Sustain.”  On the website they explain that “our mission is to connect people and planet through play.”  Upon entering the store there is a wealth of lovely toys and activity items for […]

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